Fields:Directions and Information

We will use this page to offer information concerning field directions and any updates or information about field locations. Field information can be found on the left side of this page.  We have placed a link for the fields we use the most on this page.  It does NOT include every soccer field in the state.  If you do not see the field you are looking for, try the searching for soccer club you be playing and check their web site.

A complete list of directions to local and out of town fields, can be found to the left.  Simply click on the desired field and it will supply you with directions.

For any potential HOME PRACTICE OR GAME CANCELLATIONS, we will update the field status box on the front page of the FCR website.  We will add details to that update below.

For any potential CCL AWAY GAME CANCELLATIONS, please check with your team manager.  For all other Away games (ADSL, VSLi, Cross-Association), please contact the opposing team/club website or your manager (recreation coach) for those details.

We will continue to utilize our text messaging system (Travel/PDP players) and mass email system. To sign up: under the TRAVEL tab>Text Messaging Alert System.



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