Travel highlights

The FC Richmond Board of Directors and Coaching Staff are proud to award scholarships to the following players from the Class of 2014. 


FC Richmond announces commitments to play college soccer in 2014

Travel Program Comparisons


Below is a brief comparison between the U10-U15 Magic/Mystx/Metro programs. 

Magic & Mystx Teams
Metro Teams
U10 through U16
U10 through U16
Boys (Magic) and Girls (Mystx)
Boys and Girls Metro Teams
$1500 per year (U10)
$1800 per year (U11-U14)
$1800 per year (U15-U16)
$1200 per year (U10-U12)
$1200 per year (U13-U14)
$1050 per year (U15-U16)
Full Year
August – May (U10-U14)
Fall Season and early spring season, some tournaments (U15-U16)
Full Year
August – May (U10-U14)
Fall Season with some spring tournaments (U15-U16)
U11-U16 CCL
U10-U12 ADSL
U13-U16 VSLI
Local, Regional, and Out of State
U10 Local – Metropolitan Area U11-U16 - State-wide
Local – Metropolitan Area
Pre-season four days per week
Season – Three days per week
Training begins early August
Pre-season Three days per week
Season - Two days per week
Training begins mid/late August
U10 ADSL Saturdays & Sundays
U11-U16 CCL Sundays
Predominantly Saturdays with occasional Sunday afternoon games (after 12:00 noon)
Local and Out of Area
Game Jerseys Included in fees
Player purchases following –
  • MiAdidas Custom Shorts
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Adidas Sock Straps
  • Warm-up Shirt with FC Richmond Logo
Uniform fee of approximately $85.00
Includes the following --
  • Adidas Toque Short
  • Two Adidas Squadra Jerseys (1 navy and 1 sky)
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Adidas Sock Strap
  • Warm-up Shirt with FC Richmond Logo


Elkin Sports Performance Becomes Official Strength and Conditioning Program of FC Richmond




FC Richmond is pleased to announce a new partnership with Elkin Sports Performance (ESP), making ESP the Official Strength and Conditioning program of FC Richmond. “FC Richmond has been working with ESP for several years now and we are excited to officially partner with ESP to enhance and expand the benefit of their programs to our players”, commented Assistant Director of Coaching, Trip Ellis. The enhanced partnership means a continuation of the relationship between ESP and FC Richmond, which has been in effect for the last three years. ESP has supplied preseason conditioning practices to the U15-U19 Magic/Mystx teams over the last three summers, as well as offering discounted services to all Magic/Mystx/Metro players during the off-season. Under the new partnership, ESP will work directly with the U11-U14 Mystx teams during the fall and U11-U14 Magic teams during the spring to enhance the strength and conditioning of the players in these pivotal age groups. Jason Elkin, owner of ESP, is very proud of the expanded partnership with FC Richmond…“ESP has a tremendous respect for the direction that FC Richmond is going with their organization and we feel that by implementing a proven age specific, speed, strength and agility program for all their athletes, then we can help the entire organization reach their goals on the soccer field.” ESP will also continue to offer discounted services to all FC Richmond Players (Magic, Mystx, Metro, PDP, and Recreation) and family members at their Richmond area training facility, located on the campus of SCOR (Sports Center of Richmond). 

About Elkin Sports Performance
The vision of Elkin Sports Performance (ESP) started years ago through the passion Jason Elkin, owner of ESP, found from training as a wrestler to developing into a national finalist for the 2001 High School Strength Coach of the Year, to gaining recognition in developing a multi state private strength training business. ESP is based on principles that not only all athletes follow, but all successful business men and women adhere to as well. These are the principles of accountability, discipline, desire, and dedication. Those principles are the core ESP is built on. Every client will be treated as an individual whether they are striving to receive a full college scholarship or just trying to make the junior varsity team. ESP will also push the adult clientele in new and exciting training programs and protocols. All clients at ESP will be offered a program that is demanding and results oriented. In addition, we are not a health club, we WANT every client to show up and train hard. This fact is why we pride ourselves on holding every client accountable to the program that they sign up for. They cannot achieve the goals that have been set if they are not committed to the program.
Commenting of the partnership with FC Richmond…Jason Elkin said ““FC Richmond exemplifies hard work, dedication and commitment, and ESP is thrilled to partner with an organization that has the same core values.”
About FC Richmond Soccer Club
FC Richmond’s Travel Soccer Programs, Player Development Program (PDP) and Recreational Soccer Programs are under the direction of Dave Amsler, Director of Coaching, and Trip Ellis, Assistant Director of Coaching. Dave holds a USSF "A" coaching license and has more than 40 years of coaching/teaching experience.  Dave was recently inducted into the Virginia DC Soccer Hall of Fame for his contribution to the phenomenal growth of soccer in Virginia.  Trip Ellis holds both a USSF "A" and National Youth Coaching License, played professional soccer with the Richmond Kickers, Philadelphia Kixx, and the Raleigh Capital Express.  Trip has more than 19 years of coaching experience.  Today FC Richmond serves and develops 1,200 youths. FC Richmond’s high standards of excellence have helped countless players develop skill and character through commitment to the game. FC Richmond’s mission is to encourage, coach and instruct today’s youth about the sport of soccer; to develop players to the full potential of their interest, dedication, and physical abilities; to impress upon them the benefits of athletic competition in accordance with team concepts and the rules of the sport; and to foster, promote and conduct amateur soccer competition.
Trip Ellis, Assistant Director of Coaching, knows the relationship between FC Richmond and ESP will enhance the club as a whole…”This is a relationship that has been growing over the past couple of years and we are happy to officially partner with ESP to enhance the overall athletic ability of our players.  We feel that adding the ESP training curriculum to our weekly soccer training regime will positively affect our players on the soccer field for years to come"


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