11th Annual Sun Cup

Pictured here are the U8 Coed Sky Division Champs - FC Richmond Sky Blue.  See more highlights from the 11th Annual Sun Cup.

 11th Annual Sun Cup 2014
Division Champion Finalist Result
Under 08 Coed Navy Chesterfield United U8 - Monacan Turbo Power 4:1
Under 08 Coed Sky FC Richmond Sky Blue U7 Gunners 1st, 2nd
Under 10 Coed Navy FC Richmond Wild Blue Richmond Kickers Honeybadgers 1st, 2nd
Under 10 Coed Sky Richmond Kickers - Crimson Knights FC Richmond (Chilmaid) 1st, 2nd
Under 10 Girls Navy CASL Angels RK Gushers 9:2
Under 12 Coed Navy Tri-City Yellow Jackets FC Richmond U12 Goodwin 1:0
Under 12 Coed Sky Richmond Strikers - Crusaders Strikers - Hokies 1st, 2nd
Under 12 Girls Navy RK Team Lightning Hurricanes 1st, 2nd
Under 12 Girls Sky Red Hots FC Richmond Serpents 1st, 2nd
Under 14 Coed Navy Kickers - Kern Tottenham 2:1
Under 14 Coed Sky FCR Ducks RK Barcelona United 3:2
U14 Girls Sky RS Redbacks PYSL- Yellow Jackets 1st, 2nd
Under 16 Coed JV Navy United FC - Barfield United FC Controus-Lofton 6:4
HS Coed Navy Strikers Mexico FC Richmond Blue Lagoons 1st, 2nd
HS Girls Navy Richmond Strikers - Freedom FCRichmond 1st, 2nd
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