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Information For Those Interested in Becoming a Referee

Level License Required Contact Email
U5-U8 House League no Sara Toombs Berger
U10-U19 Cross Association League yes Roberto Furnish

U5-U8 House League Referee Information


Attire: FC Richmond t-shirts should be worn, soccer shorts, socks, and indoor or tennis shoes. If it’s cold, you may wear FC Richmond training suits. 


Equipment: Referees must have a watch and a whistle. No cell phones used for time keeping! If you have several games in a row, you should bring water and a snack if needed.


Arrival: Arrive at the field fifteen minutes before the start of the game. 


Payment: Referees earn $10 per game and will normally work up to three games on a Saturday. 



U5-U8 Game Rules

Game Length:

  • All games have four quarters. 

  • 3-a-side quarters are 8 minutes

  • 4 a-side are 10 minutes

  • There is a two-minute rest between quarters and five minutes at halftime.

Substitutions: At this age subs are made only between quarters, unless there is an injury.
Goal Kicks:  Goal kicks are taken after the attacking team kicks the ball over the defensive teams end line (just as in your own games). Goal kicks are taken on the arc. The opposing team must stand behind the midfield line until the ball has been kicked. 
Corner Kicks: Corner kicks result from a team kicking the ball over their own end line (just like in your own games).  Try to help teams set up on corner kicks; defensive team goal side and attacking team in front waiting for a pass.
Free Kicks: All free kicks are indirect in 3 and 4 a-side. Free kicks are taken for an obvious handball, trip, or push. Keep in mind that at this age most fouls are unintentional, so call a foul only if it is obvious or it affects the play.
Throw Ins: Encourage players to throw the ball in correctly. Both feet must be on the ground, and both hands must deliver the ball from behind and over the head in a continuous forward motion. Let players throw the ball in two or three times until they get it right. Hold their feet on the ground if it’s necessary.

Broken Line Rule (U7-U8 only): To encourage players to step up the field and support their teammates goals will only count if the entire attacking team is above the broken line. 
You are there to encourage and teach the game to the younger players in the club. Take pride in learning and understanding the rules and improving each time you come out. Energy and personality is required when working with young children. Blow your whistle LOUD and have FUN!
Darien McClurg (FC Richmond Rec Site coordinator) will be there to monitor your performance as well as assist you with any questions or problems you may have with parents, coaches, etc.